Sars detection control

Since the January 2020 outbreak of SARS in India it is very important to use deactivated virus as positive control.

NATCOV(229E)-STNATtrol Coronavirus 229E Stock (Qualitative) (1 mL)
NATCOV(NL63)-STNATtrol Coronavirus NL63 Stock (Qualitative) (1 mL)
NATCOV(OC43)-STNATtrol Coronavirus OC43 Stock (Qualitative) (1 mL)

This solution is formulated with purified, intact virus particles which have
Been modified to leave them non-infectious.

It should be stored in the fridge. Each vial Includes 1.0 mL of
NATSARS-ST inventory.

Provided at a purified protein matrix which mimics the
proteins and DNA of an authentic clinical specimen.

NATtrol Coronavirus-SARS Stock is made
To assess the performance of nucleic acid tests
For determination of the existence of Coronvavirus-SARS RNA.

Gentaur sells the NATSARS-ST that can also be utilized for identification of clinical assays,
Development of diagnostic evaluations and instruction of Laboratory personnel.

NATSARS-ST Includes complete virus and should be
Operate in a way identical to that utilized for clinical

NATtrol™ inactivation was completed on the
Coronavirus-SARS inventory used to invent this
product. The inactivation was confirmed by the
Lack of viral growth in confirmed tissue culture.
Established infectivity assays.
Purified protein matrices utilized in the Production of
This item is treated with 0.09% sodium azide.
It had been manufactured from materials which have
Been examined and found non-reactive in the donor

Antibody by FDA licensed donor screening evaluation
methods. All materials can also be analyzed for HIV-1

Source materials used in the production of the
products meet pertinent USDA requirements for
Abattoir sourced creatures, traceability and nation
of origin. The materials were gathered in USDA
Licensed institutions or lawfully imported from
States recognized by the USDA as insignificant
Or controlled for danger for Bovine Spongiform

Post mortem in the abattoir as demanded from the