Year: 2020

Sars detection control

Since the January 2020 outbreak of SARS in India it is very important to use deactivated virus as positive control. NATCOV(229E)-ST NATtrol Coronavirus 229E Stock (Qualitative) (1 mL) NATCOV(NL63)-ST NATtrol Coronavirus NL63 Stock (Qualitative) (1 mL) NATCOV(OC43)-ST NATtrol Coronavirus OC43 Stock (Qualitative) (1 mL) This solution is formulated with purified, intact virus particles which have Been modified to leave them non-infectious. It should be stored in the fridge. Each vial Includes 1.0 mL of NATSARS-ST inventory. Provided at a purified protein matrix which mimics the proteins and DNA of an authentic clinical specimen. INTENDED USE: NATtrolâ„¢ Coronavirus-SARS Stock is made…

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Sars ourbreak India in 2020?

India has first Sars case in 2020 Preeti Maheshwari, a teacher at an international school in Shenzhen, has been admitted to a local hospital after she fell seriously ill last Friday. China scientists last week found a mystery illness. It seemed to be Sars. The girl – who hasn’t yet been disclosed- was quarantined after landing in Bangkok from Wuhan. Unconfirmed reports social websites state the most recent victim in China was 69 years old. In India a school teacher has the same symptoms. Already a Chinese man has died from a pneumonia-like virus last week. The Japanese police als…

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